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Being an owner of a BMW, you know how expensive repairs can be. With dealers asking high prices for duplicates and key replacements. If you lost all keys to the vehicle or simply want a spare second key for your vehicle, Key Guys can help you save money!

We are up to 50% less expensive than the dealership's asking prices!

BMW Locksmith Services

BMW Key Fob Programming

BMW Key Cutting Programming

BMW keys and fobs require advanced programming and cutting due to high security systems BMW places in their vehicles.

The metal keys for these vehicles are high security and require laser cutting for proper operation in the door lock or ignition lock, and advanced programming software and methods for programming the fobs for proximity functions and Push-To-Start systems. Key Guys are able to provide these services to our customers in a...

E36 Ignition Lock

BMW Ignition Lock Repair

BMW ignition locks issues are not very common, but not unheard of either. The most common issue with BMW ignition lock cylinders is a spinning lock when you put the key in and turn it to start the vehicle.

This issue will feel like the ignition lock is broken and it has been detached from the ignition switch. No lights will come on the dash and you cant start the vehicle.

This can be fixed inexpensively. In the case where changing...

BMW Door Lock and Key

BMW Door Lock Repair

BMW models that use the diamond shaped FOB key, the batteries inside them are not easily replaced. When the key battery stops working, you're not able to lock or unlock your vehicle with a press of a button on the key FOB, and have to you the lock cylinder in the door to do so manually.

Like all vehicles, BMW locks tend to stop working properly after a long time of use. You might experience the lock turning in a 360 free spin motion...



It might seem like the dealership is the only way to obtain keys since locksmiths are not able to make them. 99% of people and 95% of locksmiths believe the "Dealership Only" myth. The fact is, you can save a lot of money by getting a key made by a locksmith. You just have to know where to look.

Key Guys Lock & Key ARE Able.

We understand why they are not able to perform BMW key replacements. BMW keys can be tough for the untrained. The lack of proper tools and knowledge of how BMW security works, will make it a hard task while putting the vehicle's computers at risk of needing replacement if done incorrectly.

We are able to make these keys for you regardless of what year or model your vehicle is. Here at Key Guys Lock & Key, we are proud to have the tools, technology, and knowledge needed to offer duplicate keys and new keys if you have lost yours, at a lower price than the dealership's. Stop by our shop and get a key made, no appointment needed.

We offer BMW Locksmith Services:

BMW Spare Keys

BMW Key Replacement

BMW Key Cutting

BMW Key Programming

BMW Ignition Repair

BMW Door Lock Repair

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Most BMW services can be done with mobile services. In rare occasions, they must be done in our shop.