Should I rekey my new house or business?

Yes. When buying a new house or opening a new business, no one wants to have unwanted visitors entering their property. By rekeying, you are essentially getting new locks without buying new hardware, and adding security to your property.

I lost my car keys, is the dealership the only place to get a car key made?

Getting a key made at a dealership is expensive. At Key Guys, we are able to make a spare or replacement key for your vehicle at a fraction of the price of a dealership. We possess the newest technology for programming and key cutting at your location or our shop in Roswell, GA.

What are Proximity Keys?

The are smart keys that, when inside your vehicle, will enable it to start by the press of a button and does not need to be inserted into an ignition. Dealerships often require you wait 3-4 days to have a key made. Key Guys are able to make these keys on the same day since we stock the most popular keys used.

Are locksmiths cheaper than dealerships?

Yes. Dealerships have to cover expenses and all the overhead that comes with owning a big store. Key Guys are considerably cheaper, no matter if you choose our mobile service or visit us at our store, allowing our customers to save up to 50% off of dealership prices!​

I had a metal key made for my vehicle but it wont start may car?

Most modern cars are equipped with Transponder Chips that are added security for your vehicle's Anti-Theft system. these chips must be programmed to your vehicle in order to start it. Key Guys can cut and program these keys for you on-site with our mobile service or by visiting our locksmith shop in Roswell.

Why are my car keys/remote not working anymore?

Remote keys operate on a battery that can be replaced 99% of the time. Very few remoted have batteries that are hidden or not replaceable since the key is closed shut or has a battery that's welded inside the key. Other than batteries, if a key/remote is dropped, it could break it and not function anymore.